Scales for agricultural

The broad scope of these industries - ranging from the primary production of agricultural products through storage to the manufacturing of specific products – provides the manufacturers and suppliers of weighing equipment with many opportunities across the entire production chain. Our company is ready to offer a broad range of scales, weighing technologies and lines. In case of your interest, we could visit you at your site and prepare a solution to meet your requirements. Alternatively, your experts and our specialists could jointly visit our previous customers who would provide you with necessary references. Then it would be only up to you to decide whether you will become our customer.

Our typical projects:

  • Weighing lines for the production of fodder,
  • Micro-component catchweighers,
  • Totalizers,
  • Beltweighers,
  • Catchweighers,
  • Bagging scales,
  • Weighing and packaging lines,
  • Continual measurement of the amount of material passed through a scale,
  • BIGBAG discharging (de-bigbagging) stations, and
  • Filling and packaging of BIG BAGs.

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