Scales for rubber industry

Our company has more than 50 years’ experience with deliveries of scales for the rubber industry. With the automation of small chemicals weighing (SCW) the majority of our deliveries changed from weighing lines to kneaders designed for automatic lines for the weighing of small chemicals.

Our production staples include:

  • Weighing lines for the production of mixtures of the 1st and 2nd degrees (weighing of soot, white components, liquid components, etc.),
  • Beltweighers for rubber pieces,
  • Weighing of small chemicals (SCW) manufactured in these versions: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic, vertical and horizontal lines for the weighing of small chemicals (SCW),
  • Beltweighers,
  • Catchweighers for crumb rubber,
  • BIGBAG discharging (de-bigbagging) stations
  • Checkweigher,
  • Transport of material (worm, belt and vibratory conveyors, pneumatic conveying systems, vacuum transport of material),
  • Deliveries of control systems, including their connection to a master control system, and
  • Deliveries of turn-key segments of technological wholes.

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